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Offering a wide assortment of Diagnostic Products and Other Laboratory Equipment.

Know Us

Keeping pace with the advancements in the domains of 'scientific, diagnostic and medical research', we, Weldon Biotech (India) Pvt. Ltd. are offering a huge assortment of medical, diagnostic & hospital supplies. We are a prestigious importer and supplier of Diagnostic Products and Other Laboratory Equipment. The entire range offered by us covers the domains of Cytokines, Cytokine Receptors, Adhesion, Apoptosis and CD antigens. Hence, we are catering to the diversified needs of wide customer base. Our goal is to provide clients with the highest quality products and technical services.

We have over 10 years of experience in the field of Clinical Chemistry, ELISA Kits for IVD and research products. This has assisted us in providing excellent technical support to customers. Our business was initiated in 2000 with the distribution of Laboratory Research Reagents and ELISA Chemistry Kits. At that time, we acted as a sub-dealer of popular Indian companies but soon we ventured into the import market. Presently, we are representing various global companies on exclusive basis in India. Some of these companies are BioAssay Works LLC, Biocientifica – Argentina, BioVendor - Czech Republic, Calbiotech – USA, DBC – Canada etc.

Products We Offer

A professionally managed healthcare company, we are offering a huge assortment of Diagnostic Products and Laboratory Equipment. All these products are sourced from international brands, which ascertains their finest quality. Currently, we are operating in 3 main domains.

Our Operation Areas
  • Immunoassays : Endocrines, Cancer Markers, Steroids, Infectious Diseases: Hepatitis and TORCH
  • Clinical Chemistry : Microalbumin, Complement C3, C4, Cholesterol, Triglycerides), DIABETOLOGY (HbA1c)
  • Research : Immunological products designed for therapy, diagnostic and research applications.
The range of our products, as per their original manufacturers, is as follows:
  • MBL International Corporation
    • Indirect Immunofluorescence Method (IIF)
    • Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
    • Double Immunodiffusion Method (DID)
    • Latex Agglutination
    • Immunoturbidimetric Assay
  • DRG Instruments GmbH
    • ELISAS
    • Radioimmunoassays
    • Rapid Screen Test
    • Drug Screening
    • Veterinary Diagnostics
    • CLAS
    • Saliva Diagnostics
Our other products are:
  • BioAssay Works LLC
    • KIM-1 (Advanced test for Kidney Injuries)
  • Diazyme Laboratories
    • Smart 700 – 340
  • Diaclone Immunology Products
    • Monoclonal Antibodies
    • ELISA
    • ELISpot
    • DIAplex
    • Biocientifica Products
    • Inmunofluor Infectious Diseases.

Our Associates

We are well known as the distributors of Diagnostic Products and Other Laboratory Equipment in India. All these products and equipment are of global brand and are manufactured by reputed companies. Presently, we are marketing products from following international companies:
  • BioAssay Works LLC
  • Biocientifica – Argentina
  • BioVendor, Czech Republic
  • Calbiotech, USA
  • DBC, Canada
  • Diaclone, France
  • Diazyme Laboratories, Poway, CA
  • Dr. Fenning Biomed GmbH
  • DRG Instruments GmbH– Germany
  • Giesse Diagnostics, Italy
  • LDN, Germany
  • MBL International Corporation, USA
  • Quidal Corp., USA
  • Quidel Tec Medical AG, Switzerland
Also, we are having our own production facility in Haridwar, Uttrakhand, India.

Quality Assurance

Over the years, the name WELDON has been taken along with the world class products belonging to the category of Immunoassays, Clinical Chemistry and Research. Our innovative and qualitative products have assisted us in achieving a consistent growth in the market. We have established associations with some illustrious companies hailing from different countries across the globe. Owing to their quality approach towards production, we are able to guarantee the finest quality of our products. This, in turn, has assisted us in achieving complete customer satisfaction.

Storage and Packing

Dealing in the products meant for medical fraternity makes the presence of hygienic packing and safe storage immensely important. We promote unique ideas and experiences of individuals. This has assisted us in using the best material for packing the sourced products. These packing material are also recommended by the medical industry. Safely packed products are stored in a well ventilated area, where all the arrangements have been made to eliminate dust and irregular moisture condition. This has enabled us to deliver the qualitative products to clients; positioning ourselves at the top position in the industry.




Diaclone Diaplex KIt
Diaclone Diaplex KIt
Hand Held Reader Pricing Kit
Hand Held Reader Pricing Kit
Diaclone Monoclonal Antibodies kit
Diaclone Monoclonal Antibodies kit
Fully Automatted Random Access Analyzer Kit
Fully Automatted Random Access Analyzer Kit
Smart Point Of Care System
Smart Point Of Care System
Elispot Kit
Elispot Kit
Diaclone Kits
Diaclone Kits
Diaclone Antibodies Kit
Diaclone Antibodies Kit
Monoclonal Antibodies Kit
Monoclonal Antibodies Kit
Elisa kit
Elisa kit
Diaplex Kit
Diaplex Kit